Sometimes Being Smart Is Not Enough

I am always amazed by the consistency of humans, even those considered intelligent, to draw conclusions before all the evidence is in. It seems the sub-human, animal, responses rise through the knowledge our education has given us and the smarts we have learned through experience and we disregard any understanding of logic. It frustrates me in conversation to have to go back into the flow to paste together the lost fragments of reason that were cast aside in favor of bias, hasty conclusion, and blind follower-ship. Recent emotional reactions to police activities, fanned by our own leaders, are cases in point.

It seems it is impossible for the non-rational rioters to dismount from their hellbent horses and think about what they are saying and how it disregards any common sense. And the daily, unbelievable ignorance of supposedly intelligent liberals keeps a strong beat of consistent idiocy in the air. I find it without explanation how supposedly smart people can’t see through the lies and misdirection. What has happened to the logic and simple ability to reason when faced with incontrovertible facts?

I fear for what lies in store for this country if we don’t resolve the problem of elitist statesmen who promote the animal responses for their own gain. Perhaps we are truly on our way down the historical road to oblivion all great nations have traveled. At least we will be consistent with history.

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