Happy Is As Happy Does

Forrest Gump beats me in spades. But then he didn’t have the obstacles most of us now face. I believe he would now be bewildered if given another lap aboard his life cycle. And he had an amazing array of good luck incidents to help him along.

Sometimes, I can be as unassuming as he was in all his activities. I knew a time when there was nothing that could break my connection with the beauty of youth and the wonder of the unknown. There were days and weeks that I never thought about my future other than how soon Friday, and ‘Happy Hour’, would arrive. There were times that I thought in my innocence that my govern’ment‘ really ‘meant‘ to protect me. I believed, as many did back then, that we had formed the perfect country. It was proud, powerful, upheld values, welcomed people who wanted to¬† help make it better, told the bad guys around the globe to ‘stay away’.

As the street would now say: “wha hapen”? How did we enter this race to go back to the dark ages of grunts and lost knowledge? Where did we stray from the enlightenment that brought us so much?

Forrest Gump knew more than most people know about living in a world of confusing contradictions. His life was filled with serendipity and an uncanny innocence. Wha hapen is we began to believe, as Forrest did, that all men are good men. We forgot to understand or refused to accept that humans are nothing more than animals who have learned how to reason and talk. Beneath those two outward symbols of intelligence lie all the facets of a survival of the fittest mentality.

Somehow we have come to believe that we have the ability to change the fundamental basis of human nature. Contrary to some religious and philosophic beliefs I do believe that man is inherently evil. I am aware of the Christian teachings (after all, I do have a degree in Theology and a Baptist-like up bringing). I am aware of the Muslim teaching – I did read the book…make that plowed with struggle through the book.

Day by depressing day I plod through the daily news and the negativity surrounding all we do. Where did the hope go? We used to have hope before the hope and change guy who lounges around out national rental home. I used to think the government was there to support me if I got in trouble with someone, especially outside our borders. Over the past eight years I have come to fear my government. I DO NOT trust my own government to treat me any differently than I would trust either of our neighbors or all of Europe.

It saddens me greatly for I am about to bequeath this country to my kids and grand kids and it is not a pretty sight.

The happy ‘gimmies’ in the streets shouting for more of the same don’t understand what make happiness that has value. They live on a diet of distributed sustenance and will never experience the exhilaration of having done something really, really good for no compensation at all. They will die with hate in their hearts wondering why they are dying and never once think of how they could have made this globe a better place for their children – if they had only done something other than complain.

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