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Busy As A Bee (A Memory Minute)

In our modem society busy-ness is rapidly becoming the norm. In fact, it is earning the privilege of acceptance to our culture. Instant access to the combined knowledge of the entire earth’s inhabitants seems to have risen to the status … Continue reading

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It’s Available For A Song (A Music Memory)

Great memories are sometimes generated by music. The intangible presence of something that tugs at the drawstrings of your emotions and your sense of hope or loss or simply good feelings is often evoked by a single song. And when … Continue reading

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And The Beat Goes On

‘Another General Bites The Dust’ could have been the title for this post with apologies to Queen and their hit ‘Another One Bites The Dust’. Due to a misstep in the political minefield of ridiculous correctness, a Major General in … Continue reading

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