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Being Human Doesn’t Trump Being Foolish

I am always amazed by the consistency of humans — even those we consider to be intelligent — to draw extraneous conclusions about an event before all the evidence is in. It seems the sub-human animal responses in all of … Continue reading

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Piper Asked Me: Why Did I Die?

My precious little child. I can tell you what caused your death but I can not tell you why because I do not understand it at all. I am still working through the hurt of losing you even more than … Continue reading

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We Have Nothing To Fear But ‘The Government’ Itself

The title of this entry speaks for itself and is a paraphrase of the famous line by Franklin Roosevelt, the President who began this country’s slide into a socialistic culture. That ‘fear is fear’ phrase predominated the country’s thoughts so … Continue reading

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An Important Question Or Two

These are not new questions but they bear repeating. They are two important questions of equal importance to understanding who you really are. I like to believe they are what Piper would ask me. The first: If you could save … Continue reading

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