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Beware – Everywhere

I am not a person who is at the front edge of technology. In fact I lag about 25% behind those who are at the front edge. Still I am far ahead of the mom-and-pop, grandma-and-grandpa, and casual user when … Continue reading

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A Walk On The Trail

[Originally written in April 2012 and recently found] I don’t know about you. I do know about me. I know about working hard with sweat until my muscles tell me I am much too old to continue working after about … Continue reading

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Guess What? No Government – Junction – All Is Great!

I write this while I am at my little ranch near Junction, Texas. I come here every three to five weeks to check on things and do some chores in an effort to improve the land and such. Those who … Continue reading

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They Call Me Patata (A Memory Minute)

That’s Patata (pronounced pah-tay-tah). If you say Potato, like the tuber, they will correct you and insist that you pronounce it properly. That’s as it should be because it is their name for me. And they are my grand-daughters. When … Continue reading

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Apple Jobs And Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was known to be a hard task master in his search for the optimum in quality and innovation. I agree that many of his techniques to achieve his goals could have used a little more polish. But a … Continue reading

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