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Where Have All The Journalists Gone?

I find it very disappointing, disheartening, diseverything to think about the sad state of affairs in our news media today. This bias is without excuse or control. At one time the news media performed a valuable role in our culture … Continue reading

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When Will We See The Trees?

I must feel as the Romans did as their nation found its decline inescapable. All around we seem to be surrounded by idiots who do not have the slightest understanding of what is happening. They seem to be possessed with … Continue reading

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The Media And Other Non-Thinking Humans

I was continually amazed and disappointed simultaneously at the degree of ‘unthinking’ people we have in this great country both on the sidewalks of our communities and in the supposedly educated media newsrooms. I underhand that what makes us different … Continue reading

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Junction Ranch Provides ‘Whelmed’ Thinking Time

I haven’t spoken about our “Ranch” south of Junction,Texas, before and have avoided doing so as I consider it our last, best hope when the current governmental non-reasoned-activity/total- takeover-activity results in the complete collapse of the society I have grown … Continue reading

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The Beauty Of Forgotten Youth (A Memory Minute)

I just finished a week babysitting my twin granddaughters. I believe the proper term would be that the granddlnlghters baby sat me. It was unbelievably precious to spend so much time with four year-old girls who had no end of … Continue reading

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